We invite 500 word abstracts on pertinent topics, which once accepted will then be submitted as a 1500-2000 word essay.
The essay will undergo an editing process between the writer and our editors and advisers. The right to publish or to veto the final work remains with SPADE.

Spade is a non-profit effort, and therefore we do not pay for written essays.

Spade also invites contributions towards art, photo essays, and architectural drawing work.

Design reporting and criticism in the country is a huge vacuum as a majority of magazines and media tend to address that which is topical, or that which allows marketing of a product or a space. There are exceptions, however extremely rare. It is within this space that SPADE wishes to address.
Our past issues have addressed topics of : politics, reincarnation, collage and opium.
Our forthcoming issues will address topics such as, but not limited to : tango, melancholy, and acrobatics. (note : these topics are subject to change)

The response so far has been healthy, but the going stormy.

We request you to consider sponsoring SPADE for a year, or longer if you deem worthy.
We would be happy to visit you to discuss the same.

A thank you to all SPADE supporters;
Kishore Mariwalla, Delux Bearings and Hansgrohe